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Andy Greig

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Andy Greig is the Global Marketing Plan Lead, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, at SAP. His primary focus is to create marketing and social media campaigns to help customers realize the benefits and value of SAP Services.

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Private And Managed: How Firms Move Past Cloud Uncertainty

8-Aug-2017 | Andy Greig

Part 3 of the “Cloud-Driven Competitive Advantage” series. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are characteristics of our human nature that keep us from making serious mistakes. We feel in our gut tha

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How The Cloud Is Revolutionizing The Retail Experience Worldwide

26-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig

In nearly every corner of the world, retailers are going through a disruptive shakeup. U.S. businesses are in the middle of a meltdown of bankruptcies, shuttered malls, and the slow, painful demise of

The Cloud Redefines Success For The Consumer Products Industry

25-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig

The pressure to evolve is persistent and enormous for consumer products companies. It’s no longer enough to deliver new products that will fly off store shelves. The shopping experience must also be

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Why CFOs Are Getting Serious About The Cloud

25-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig

For CFOs, technology investment of any kind is a matter of dollars and cents, not access controls and business progress. Sure, they want the entire company to do things more efficiently, but the real

The Digitization Of Utilities: Reshaping The World’s Energy Network In The Cloud

24-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig

The centuries-old utilities paradigm is deteriorating as quickly as digital technology is advancing. First, smart grids began to monitor home-energy usage, generating a massive volume of data-driven i


The Secret To Avoiding Hacks That Can Wipe Out Your Business

18-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig

Cyber criminals, from the hobbyist amateur to the sophisticated professional, are taking cyber attacks to an entirely new level. International bank heists, disrupted elections, state-sponsored misinfo

Data, Not Technology, Steals The Spotlight In Digital Strategies

10-Jul-2017 | Andy Greig

Digital innovation and investment are growing by leaps and bounds – and so is the data created and consumed by them. While experts acknowledge that analysis of structured and unstructured informatio

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Running Mission-Critical Business Applications In The Cloud

8-May-2017 | Andy Greig

Change comes fast in today’s business world. Go-to-market timelines are shorter than ever. Companies in adjacent industries are emerging as direct competitors. Driven by technologies like artificial

How In-Memory Computing Is Revolutionizing ERP Sourcing In The Cloud

4-May-2017 | Andy Greig

For decades, legacy ERP systems have acted like a big, sturdy umbrella that sheltered every piece of data needed to manage the business, automate back offices, and connect customer-centric activities

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It’s Time To Rethink Cloud For Your Business

29-Mar-2017 | Andy Greig

There’s no disputing the benefits of cloud computing. From greater flexibility and scalability to increased business efficiency, it’s clear that cloud has been a game-changer for many companies.