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For Great Customer Service, Treat Policies Like Plaque

13-Oct-2015 | Adam Toporek

We are all familiar with dental plaque, the buildup of bacteria that becomes a film on our teeth. Work with enough organizations, and you will easily recognize the similarities organizational policies

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In Customer Service, Is Ordinary Now Extraordinary? [VIDEO]

4-Sep-2015 | Adam Toporek

We are used to amazing acts of customer service going viral, but how about an ordinary act of service? I was fascinated by a story that made the rounds on the Internet last week. A customer’s

Is Twitter THE Channel For Customer Service?

13-Aug-2015 | Adam Toporek

Twitter understands that it is often a channel for immediate customer response, and it is not only embracing its role as a customer service channel but beginning to focus on selling itself as an indis

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Are Your Customer Service Reps Eating The Marshmallow?

25-Jun-2015 | Adam Toporek

In yesterday’s Monday Motivation, a Monday email sent to subscribers to our eNewsletter The Customer Conversation, we spoke about Walter Mischel’s famous  experiment on self-control and delayed g

Should Customer Service Reps Start With Their Best Offers?

1-Jun-2015 | Adam Toporek

Customer service in the real world sometimes comes down to a negotiation. When you have an issue to resolve, often you and your organization are trying to find a way to make the customer happy without