Achim Schneider

Achim Schneider

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Achim Schneider is the Global Head of SAP Retail Business Unit. He is a dedicated and passionate leader committed to delivering real customer value through innovative software solutions with a high priority on global customer relationships, and overall customer satisfaction across all aspects of the retail business.

How Retailers Can Thrive In The Digital World

20-Jun-2016 | Achim Schneider

There’s no doubt about it: The retail world is going digital. In his article “A Digital Core for the Digital Age,” Markus Schwarz points out that 90 percent of total available customer data

The Simple, Staggering Success Of

29-Mar-2016 | Achim Schneider

Alibaba was a household name long before the creation of the retail giant.  In the folk tale “Alibaba and the Forty Thieves,” Alibaba is a poor woodcutter with a good heart. He finds a stockade o

Reimagining Retail With No Inventory

23-Mar-2016 | Achim Schneider

In the past, the retail sale of products has almost always required some stocking of inventory. However, as retail steps into the process of digital transformation, there are some new inventory possib

Reimagine Retail Success For An Exciting New Digital World

22-Mar-2016 | Achim Schneider

“If you are like me,” admits SAP Global general manager of consumer industries Lori Mitchell-Keller, “you often find yourself standing in front of a mirror in a store. Does this jacket fit? Do t