Dr. Achim Krüger

Dr. Achim Krüger

About Dr. Achim Krüger

Dr. Achim Krüger is Vice President of Operational Excellence (EAM and EH&S) at SAP. After starting his career as an officer with the German Air Force, he held several positions in the areas of maintenance of helicopters and transport aircraft as well as systems engineering, before he worked in higher commands as a logistics general staff officer. Joining SAP in 2002, Dr. Krüger first served as a consultant before establishing the SAP for Defense & Security industry portfolio and later assumed several other duties in Solution Management and Development,

Digital Operations: Test-And-Learn Beats Wait-And-See

2-Mar-2017 | Dr. Achim Krüger

Digitalization is dramatically shaping supply chain operations in the 21st century. By embracing the latest Internet of Things (IoT) applications and other cutting-edge technology, supply chain org

Supply Chain Leaders Boost Value With Digital Transformation

28-Feb-2017 | Dr. Achim Krüger

If you shop at REI and the particular store you’re at does not have the size or color of the item you want, an employee can quickly and accurately see where the closest item is located. Thanks t