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Aaron Solomon is the head of Training and Content Development for SAP Anywhere. With a dedicated history in knowledge management and consulting, he is driven to provide quality information to customers and help them understand how best to grow their businesses. His areas of expertise include e-commerce management, data analysis, and leveraging technology to improve efficiency.

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

20-Dec-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly discussed among analysts these days, but what does it really mean? In short, it refers to efforts a company makes regarding environmental and social wel

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Five Goals For Small Business Owners For 2018

1-Dec-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Once you’ve wrapped up 2017, you should be hitting the ground running in 2018 for continued success. Here are five goals every small business owner should set for themselves in 2018. Analyze 2017 Wh

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Benefits Of Using A Third-Party Logistics Vendor

30-Nov-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Using a third-party logistics (3PL) vendor can be a great way to improve your business in a variety of ways. The benefits of this relationship can potentially include some cost savings, but even if th

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Reducing Costs Through Process-Driven Workflows

21-Nov-2017 | Aaron Solomon

A common issue for small businesses is that operational processes are not often revisited frequently enough to match up with the current state of the business. Small business owners like to be very ha

How To Measure Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

26-Oct-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Running a successful marketing campaign takes time, money, and effort. And after all of that, the big question is: How do you know if your campaigns are effective? Most people look at the sales fig

E-Mail Marketing: Four Ways For Small Businesses To Leverage Social Media

24-Oct-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Most small businesses focus their digital marketing on e-mail and social media campaigns. It’s easy to think of these as completely separate channels that require completely different approaches, bu

4 Tips For Managing Excess Inventory

23-Oct-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Excess inventory is a challenge almost all companies have dealt with at some point. Maybe excess inventory is taking up valuable space in your warehouse, or maybe you’re looking to bring in some rev

Using Multiple Online Stores To Improve E-Commerce Sales

27-Sep-2017 | Aaron Solomon

Using multiple online stores not only helps you reach out to new market segments, it can also improve how well you interact with your customer base. By tailoring the presentation of your sites, brand,

Wholesale Distributors: 5 Tips To Prepare For The Holiday Season

20-Sep-2017 | Aaron Solomon

With the holiday shopping season getting closer every day, it’s just as crucial for B2B and wholesale retailers to start preparing as it is for B2C retailers. This is a great opportunity to not only

Effective E-Mail Marketing: 6 Tips

7-Sep-2017 | Aaron Solomon

In 2019, the average email user is expected to receive 96 emails per day. How can you make your company’s emails stand out? E-mail marketing campaigns can be a great way to drive customer engagem