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Dan Wellers is the Digital Futures Global Lead and Senior Analyst at SAP Insights.

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The Open Value Chain: Collaborating With The Community

21-Jan-2019 | Dan Wellers

Consumers resisted Betty Crocker's instant cake mix when it first hit the market. Adding water and pouring the batter into a pan made baking seem a little too easy. But then the company tweaked the re

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How 4D Printing Will Shift the Shape of Manufacturing

5-Dec-2018 | Dan Wellers

[drop-letter]In a brief period, 3D printing (the process of creating a three-dimensional object by adding successive layers of raw material until it is complete) has gone mainstream. Each day more com

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4D Printing: Self-Assemble, Self-Shape, Self-Repair

5-Dec-2018 | Dan Wellers

4D printing, which builds objects using smart materials, could change everything. This next-generation technology will enable companies to manufacture products that can self-assemble, reshape themsel

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Threat and Opportunity: Blockchain’s Hunger for Power

28-Nov-2018 | Dan Wellers

The oil crises of the 1970s motivated industrial economies to get smarter about fuel consumption. Now the digital economy faces a similar inflection point. The growing global demand for technology is

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Blockchain’s Energy Crisis

28-Nov-2018 | Dan Wellers

Remember the oil crises of 1973 and 1979? Though much of the industrialized West and Japan felt the shock, gasoline was in such short supply in the United States that the federal government cut the na

Batteries Power Up

4-Jun-2018 | Dan Wellers

[drop-letter]1[/drop-letter] [one_half] Perception: Batteries are boring. We notice them only when they’re dead. Credit: Tesla [/one_half] [one_half_last] Reality:

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Virtuous Circles: The Circular Economy Gets Rolling

4-Jun-2018 | Dan Wellers

They’ve already shown great potential for increasing profits while reducing production costs and improving our planet. Meanwhile, opportunities to create competitive advantage via traditional linear

Fast learners innovate outsourcing with machine learning

Could Machine Learning Be The End Of BPO As We Know It?

30-May-2018 | Dan Wellers

The drill has been the same for decades: Companies have shipped low-value, repetitive, or labor-intensive work to cheaper locations around the globe to save costs. But now that cost equation is cha

machine learning potential for the workforce

The Human Side Of Machine Learning

2-May-2018 | Dan Wellers

As enterprises bring machine learning into their organizations, many pundits predict that it will lead to massive layoffs. Yet in a recent study we developed with the Economist Intelligence Unit,

machine learning ast learners

Survey: Four Ways Machine Learning Will Disrupt Your Business

18-Apr-2018 | Dan Wellers

We are entering the era of the machine learning enterprise, in which this subset of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities will revolutionize operating models, shake up staffing methods, upend busi