Weekly Mobile News Roundup: July 23

Becky White

This Week in Mobile News

Apple reportedly tests out larger screen sizes for their phones and tablets. Meanwhile, many business analysts have deemed Microsoft’s Surface project a failure. We take a look at the reasons why. Plus: the latest in mobile research.

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News and Insights

Apple Tests Larger Screens for iPhones, iPads – Wall Street Journal

According to tests with suppliers, Apple is reportedly exploring different screen sizes for devices.

Why the Surface RT Failed and the iPad Did Not – The New York Times

Why is one device succeeding while the other fails? Impatience.

The Difference in Marketing Mcommerce to Men and Women – Mobile Commerce Daily

Retailers can break down mobile efforts by gender to get a better understanding of how consumers use devices.

Transitioning To a Mobile Centric World – Bill Gurley, Above the Crowd

Here are some key considerations as you look to map the mobile application transition for your own company.

How Mobile Experiences Can Shape Our Perception Through Illusions Of Speed– Forbes

Speed is usually linear with a customers’ experience of the “goodness” of a product.

What CMOs Need To Know About The Era Of Wearable Computing – CMO

Stay ahead of the technological curve and talking to real people—your consumers—can help drive innovation.

Forget Second-Screen Apps. Today, the TV is the Second Screen – GigaOM

Today, people are using their iPads and mobile phones as the first screen.

Mobile First? Mobile Only? What it Really Means to Go Mobile – InfoWorld

There’s way too much industry and IT focus today on managing mobile rather than exploiting mobile for business value.

Smartwatches Still in a ‘So What’ Phase for Consumers – CIO

Some analysts question whether such wearable technology will gain popularity among consumers.

Do You Have A Mobile First Strategy? You Should! – Daniel Burrus via LinkedIn

Make no mistake: It’s a hard trend that tablets and smart phones are becoming people’s main personal computer.

Samsung Being Eaten To Death By Android Wannabes – ReadWrite

Samsung’s biggest challenge may be to figure out how to fight no-name Android vendors in emerging markets.