Mobile Field Service: Learn From The Apple Store Experience [Infographic]

Jen Cohen Crompton

How Apple Uses Mobile Field Service For A Great Customer Experience

Think Apple store. If you’ve ever set foot in the store, or heard about it from a friend, you may understand that the Apple store isn’t just a retail store, but an entire experience. You walk in, are pleasantly greeted, have the ability to touch and feel products, and when you are ready to purchase, you don’t have to stand in a line. In fact, there isn’t a space to gather in a line (except outside the store when a new product is launching). Each associate has his/her own device for communicating with other associates and for processing your sale. You look, touch, test, purchase, and it’s all at your leisure by providing what you need, when and where you need it.

Now think about how that dedication to experience and service translates into Apple as being the retail store, which sells the highest amount of money per square foot. Something says that is not just a coincidence.

It’s no secret that today’s consumer is smarter, quicker, more demanding, and holds higher expectations for service providers. Often times a company’s unique selling point isn’t the service they provide (because it is most likely a commodity), but it’s more about the quality of service they provide…and the success of the business really comes down to satisfying the customer and making him/her happy.

Because of our on-the-go mindset, drive for instant gratification, and knowledge of technology, most consumers who do hold a higher set of expectations want the best service possible. As companies strive to carefully walk the line of customer satisfaction and attention coupled with not breaking the budget, using mobile apps and services have become a helpful resource in finding this balance.

Think back to the Apple store. Each associate is equipped with technology that allows him/her to complete any part of their job responsibility from anywhere in the store. Each associate has a mobile device with enterprise applications, which allows him/her to look up products, communicate with staff, schedule appointments, and process your payment. That is quality, that is convenience, and that is what consumers expect when they walk into the store.

Any company can take this model and apply it, because the main focus is on making the customer happy by providing exactly what they need. Companies with a field service workforce can transform the field into an instant experience of convenience and satisfaction for the customer using some of the most effective mobile apps that provide what the customer needs, when they need it.

But don’t worry, because this strategy doesn’t have to break the bank, and chances are, it will increase profitability and field success. Check out the infographic below for information on how mobile apps can delight customers and increase profitability.

Mobile Field Service: Learn From The Apple Store Experience


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