3 Benefits Of Customized Mobile Sales Enablement

Mutual Mobile

mobile sales enablement flow

The closer an application aligns with your unique mobile sales enablement approach, the greater the impact it’ll have on sales performance. Here’s how:

Better preparation

In pre-sales planning, mobile applications provide fast access to relevant
industry, product, and customer research and intelligence. Additionally, a
customized sales enablement solution can point your sales force to sales guides,
coaching tools and playbooks that are right for a specific selling situation.

Higher Engagement

Data-driven decision support and assessment tools make it easier to deliver
targeted, expert advice in consultative selling situations. A mobile sales
enablement solution can also be designed to foster user interaction with
interactive questionnaires, rich product catalogs and visual configuration

Faster follow-up

Mobile applications streamline the capture of the customer interaction — voice,
image and text — and automatically deliver it into your preferred CRM system,
making follow-up simple, fast, and consistent. The post-sales process is further
improved with workflow automation as well as easy integration to transactional
and calendaring systems.

From planning to face-to-face meetings to post-call follow-ups, a mobile sales enablement solution can be designed to streamline and support every step of
your sales process. Customizing to your specific go-to-market process will allow
you to maximize your ROI — and more fully realize the benefits of sales



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