Mobile Is Maturing – Don’t Get Left Behind With a Bad Mobile Strategy

Stephen Brown

don't get left behind with a bad mobile strategy

Companies are evolving how they approach mobile. Once treated as a one-off project led by a siloed team, mobile has grown into an integral part of companies’ annual planning process. We’re seeing indication that 2013 will be the year mobile “grows up,” marked by companies approaching mobile more strategically.

Mobile strategy is bigger than a technology or a project. It’s an art that involves the constant alignment of user needs (employees, consumers and partners), business goals and evolving mobile technology landscape. It provides answers to questions you and your teams may already be asking.

To develop an effective mobile strategy, you must consider the following key questions:

  • Business transformation. How can mobility shift business processes, products or services? How will it reshape the way you market, sell, service, or collaborate with customers, employees, and partners?
  • Digital experience.What do users expect, want and need? How can you create desirable mobile experiences that also meet business objectives?
  • Technology.What’s the technical architecture and application blueprint required to support mobile initiatives today, tomorrow, and into the future?
  • Governance.How does your organization need to adjust to incorporate mobility into planning and decision-making? How will mobile initiatives be evaluated, refined and prioritized over time?

Due diligence in these areas will provide a solid rationale for mobile investments, as well as create momentum towards meaningful mobile innovation. Just as your business strategy changes to exploit changes within the market, your mobile strategy must adapt too.

By taking the time to clearly define your mobile strategy — and revisiting it as needed — you’ll ensure your efforts are:

  • Informed by actual user needs and expectations
  • Coordinated and aligned with overall business strategy
  • Aligned with current mobile best practices
  • Pursued with clear ownership and cross-discipline participation

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