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Elizabeth Gaines

Top 10 Posts on MobileMobile is dramatically changing business models in practically every industry. In my role as editor of the Business Innovations blog, I’ve seen some fascinating discussions on the impact of mobile on retail, banking, healthcare, and more.

Some of the most popular articles on our site during 2012 addressed the latest mobile trends and what it takes to develop a comprehensive strategy to meet the needs of your customers, employees and business partners.

Whether you’re new to the conversation or looking to move up to “mobile 2.0” you won’t want to miss these top 10 picks on mobility.

1. Top 10 Blogs/News Sites for Mobile

Stay on top of the latest news and business trends with these recommendations from Jen Cohen Crompton on the top 10 news sites and blogs devoted to mobile.

2. Top 50 ‘#Mobile’ Twitter Influencers

Are you connected to the top #mobile influencers leading the conversation on Twitter? This list of who’s who compiled by Jen Cohen Crompton makes it easy to join the online conversation.

3. Mobile Analytics Infographic: Is Your Enterprise Going Mobile Fast Enough?

By 2015, more than 37% of the workforce will be mobile – that’s 1.3 billion people! Mimi Spier shares an infographic with quotable statistics on how mobile analytics is changing the retail, banking and healthcare industries.

4. Explaining the BYOD Trend: Bring Your Own Device

Jen Cohen Cromption explains the BYOD trend and discusses both the business benefits and potential downsides for companies adopting a “bring your own device” strategy.

5. How Mobility Will Change Your Customer Relationships

Michael Brenner summarizes the results of a Forrester study on mobile trends and how they can lead to improved customer satisfaction and lower service costs. Follow the link to the full report for more details.

6. Top Five Enterprise Mobility LinkedIn Groups

Network with business professionals who share a passion for #mobile. Join the top the top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Mobility recommended by Jen Cohen Crompton.

7. Stop Thinking Mobile Devices And Start Thinking Strategy

Don’t get caught in a piecemeal, device-by-device approach to mobile. Chris Koch summarizes the recommendations of an SAP whitepaper on how to develop a comprehensive mobility strategy for your business.

8. Mobile And Big Data Come Together To Drive Right Time Experiences

Consumers in today’s mobile world expect timely responses to their needs. Milja Gillespie discusses what it means to deliver right time experiences to your customers and how it can differentiate your business.

9. Enterprise ‘#Mobile’ Terms You Need To Know

Let’s be honest – keeping up with the conversation on mobile can be a challenge if you’re not a technical specialist. If you feel lost in a sea of acronyms, turn to Jen Cohen Crompton’s quick overview of the essential mobile terms you need to know.

10.  4 Things A Dinosaur Taught Me About Mobile Apps

Milja Gillespie shares her experience with an innovative augmented reality app from the Royal Ontario Museum during a family excursion to the “Ultimate Dinosaurs” exhibit.

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