iLost, iWashed, iBroke, iWant

James Fisher

The originator of the first purchase request that popped into my Inbox claimed to have left their phone in their pants pocket, and it went through a wash cycle.

Now that’s an easy thing to do, I’ve done it myself; so I clicked “authorize” and thought nothing more of it until the middle of the week when two more requests dropped into my Inbox.

This time it was, “Inadvertently left it on a check-in counter while changing flights at O’Hare,” and ‘You are never going to believe this, but our new puppy has completely trashed it.”

Now to be fair and fully transparent, I’m using a very healthy dose of creative license with these examples in order make a point; but when I mentioned to my wife that I’d had a couple of legitimate requests for new phones that week, she simply responded, “Don’t you think it’s coincidental that the new iPhone 5 came out a couple of weeks ago?”

That got me thinking. I wonder if there’s a correlation between phone breakages and losses and the release dates of new phones, like the iPhone5?

If you could get all the data from around the world (which I don’t have) would the chart below illustrate how they match up? I suspect it wouldn’t be far from the truth.

If indeed my hypothesis is correct, then either we have some very clever puppies that know exactly when to bury their owner’s phone in the back yard or some form of atmospheric change that causes amnesia and results in people leaving them in all manner of places or there’s something else happening.

Whatever it is, I asked myself whether this is necessarily a bad thing. Ultimately, should companies simply embrace the fact that their employees will go to such lengths to get their hands on the latest technology? Personally, I think having individuals embrace new technology is paramount, a point made very well in a great blog I recently read which said that “bottom up usage led by practitioners is the most powerful force in IT adoption.”

So, what’s the appropriate business case for this adoption? Hopefully, it’s one that’s not based on my previous examples but instead based upon how the new device will enable the user to be more productive. So in the spirit of being helpful, and in an attempt to ensure I don’t ever hear the words “an alien abducted my iPhone,” I thought I’d share two good business reasons to get an iPhone that excite me:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile app allows users to make informed decisions based on targeted, personalized information anywhere and anytime. The app connects to the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence platform and allows your mobile workforce to stay up-to-date with insights into the right customer, product, and work order information.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer app is the easy way to track performance and analyse data anywhere and anytime. By combining the speed of in-memory data exploration and interactive views, users can now search for, categorize, and visually explore the information they need directly from their iPhone.

With apps like these, I can’t see any excuse for leaving a phone on the coffee counter or feeding it to the puppy ever again.

PS. In case any of my team is reading this, I don’t plan on approving any new phone requests any time soon…just in case :-)