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How To Stop Hesitating And Start Demystifying The Cloud For Your Business

21-Feb-2018 | Ted Basile

All too often, an all-or-nothing cloud mindset stalls the business from proceeding – which is unfortunate, because this line of thinking negates the potential of investing in the cloud.

Embracing Digital Transformation: The Future Of Banking

21-Feb-2018 | Falk Rieker

Restructuring the business model and processes is critical to any bank’s successful digitalization. Leveraging the cloud can expedite transformation.

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Taking Flight With Aerospace: The Power Of Digital

20-Feb-2018 | Torsten Welte

Faced with growing market demand, aviation companies are under pressure to speed delivery of new aircraft while implementing digital technologies to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing delays. Here are five strategic priorities to position aerospace companies to succeed in the changing market.

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