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Smart Wine Shelves And Connected Cows: The IoT Has Arrived

27-Nov-2017 | Fatih Kayadelen

Now is the time to implement IoT technologies. Here are a few examples of innovative IoT applications.

Internet of Things, Healthcare Innovation, Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Patient Data Analytics, connected healthcare, patient data, patient management,

Transform Healthcare With Future-Facing Technologies

21-Nov-2017 | Andy David

Never before have there been so many promising breakthrough healthcare technologies available – and so many ways to capitalize on them.

IT trends, CIO, emerging technology, digitalization, cloud

Look! Up In The Cloud! It’s Four Superpowers Your CIO Needs Right Now

20-Nov-2017 | Paul Kurchina

Work with the speed of Quicksilver, the flexibility of Spiderman, and the fierce innovativeness of Iron Man by shifting IT to the cloud.

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