Skills Necessary for Cloud Success

Lindsey Nelson

In 2012 cloud computing really came into its own. It has revolutionized how things are done in business. The marketing department is using budget not for the new ad campaign, but for the third party service provider who can make their job easier. All this is happening without IT’s expert

Even when it does happen the traditional way, with IT as the lead, there are a few things you need to be aware of with cloud.

It’s pervasive and not only changing the way we collaborate with our colleagues. It’s changing the skills essential to internally manage the transformation.

Here are five skills your organization’s cloud employees must have to keep everything running smoothly.

Business & Finance Acumen

Once you make the decision to switch over, there’s going to be at least one major project and a few little ones in conjunction. These cloud connoisseurs need to know which new initiatives won’t pay off, and which ones will grow the ROI.

They need to understand the business needs and which projects will actually meet these needs. This requires them to not only have the acumen, but they also should have comprehensive knowledge on both business and IT language to be an effective liaison between the two.

Project Management

Cloud opens all the windows of opportunities. Many want to add new projects, requests for service, and think just because cloud can cut costs doesn’t mean it meets the project budget. As for all the projects, these people need to be skilled project managers. They need to have the ability to mediate between sale’s demands and IT’s limits. They need to be able to manage all project resources and eventually create a plan.

Technical Skills

This one’s simple, they have to understand what they’re working with while working with it. This is of course dependent on which path you decide to take, public, private, or hybrid. They should be knowledgeable on Internet capabilities, APIs, and possibly a tech language or two.


If anything, the new need for mobility is in high demand. Cloud computing makes it easier to build and deploy apps. These new hires must understand the basics of mobile app development and management. Why? So they can create applications that can be hosted in the cloud and reach their target audience anytime, anywhere.

Security & Compliance

No matter the type of cloud being deployed, your new cloud expert must understand all the laws and regulations around the technology. Here are some to help you get the conversation started.

Negotiating & Contracts

If you’re going with a third party cloud provider, negotiation skills are a must for your cloud guru to have. They need to understand what the vendor is saying, how to counter, and actually read and understand the fine print.

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About Lindsey Nelson

Lindsey Nelson currently supports Content and Enablement at SAP. Prior to her current role, she was responsible for Thought Leadership Content Strategy and Pull Marketing Strategy at SAP.