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Edge Computing And Cloud For Remote Operations, Part 1

22-May-2018 | David Cruickshank

Edge computing is essential for optimizing industrial data at every aspect of an operation, enabling remote sites to act upon the data that matters to a location’s real-time situation and optimizing business processes to act on insights gleaned.

Cognitive Technologies Help Media Companies Build Consumer Loyalty

21-May-2018 | Catherine Lynch

In the past, media companies were not in direct contact with consumers and interacted in a mass marketing fashion. Now the business model is changing to direct to consumer, and media companies need to adapt to survive and thrive.

database management system, DBMS, cloud, database as a service

A Look Beyond The Basics Of Cloud Database Services: What’s Next? Part 2

21-May-2018 | Ken Tsai

The first wave of cloud database simply took existing software and put it into the cloud. But very quickly, database management system providers realized this was an opportunity to rethink the architecture of their products.

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