Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Posts On Analytics

Elizabeth Gaines

As the editor of the Business Innovation blog, I see a lot of great content on the power of analytics and how to make the results of advanced analytics easily accessible to business decision-makers.

Looking back over some of the most popular posts of 2012, I see many of my favorites on the list.  Here’s my personal picks for the best posts on Analytics from the Business Innovation blog.

1.  The Key First Step To Successful BI Dashboards

Authors Mico Yuk and Anita Gibbings remind us that the first step to designing a successful Business Intelligence dashboard is to ask these three essential questions:  Who?  When?  and What?

2.  Top 50 ‘#Analytics’ Twitter Influencers

Are you connected to the top influencers on Twitter in the field of analytics? Jen Cohen Crompton makes it easy to be part of the online conversation.

3.  Seven Rules For Dashboard Success

Simon To shares his rules for designing great BI dashboards.  Number 1 on his list – don’t be bound by traditional Excel-style formats for displaying information.

4.  How C-Level Execs are Tapping into Big Data Analytics

Michael Brenner shares the results of a McKinsey survey of C-level executives showing that big data and analytics are top priorities – and he’s got the numbers to prove it.

5.  Predictive Analysis: 7 Reasons You Need It Today

Make smarter decisions and take thoughtful action. Michael Brenner reviews the essential reasons why your business needs predictive analytics to compete effectively in today’s business climate.

6.  Analytics Terms You Need To Know

New to the conversation about marketing analytics? Jen Cohen Crompton defines some basic terminology that will help you follow the discussion.

7.  Top 10 Blogs/News Sites for Analytics

How to stay on top of breaking news and emerging trends? Jen Cohen Crompton recommends the Top 10 news sites and blogs devoted to Analytics.

8.  Top Three Reasons Social Media Needs Real-Time Analytics

Jen Cohen Crompton cuts to the bottom line with the three essential elements of doing business in a social world – you need to know; you need to adjust; and you need to measure.

9.  Top Five LinkedIn Groups for Analytics

Jen Cohen Crompton researched groups on LinkedIn so you don’t have to. Get the top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics and network with business professionals who share a passion for analytics.

10. Why Mobile Analytics Is Critical For Executives

Mimi Spier argues that it’s people who will have the most dramatic impact on the future of business, and the mobile enterprise can’t afford to forget transformation at the people and process level.

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