Mobile Analytics — Is Your Enterprise Going Mobile Fast Enough? [Infographic]

Mimi Spier

Why? Well why not… If more people can run their business and do their daily responsibilities from anywhere and in a much more vivid, enjoyable, and productive way – not to mention cost effective and secure, why wouldn’t they use mobile analytics?

Did you know that by 2015, 37.2% of the total workforce will be mobile – that is 1.3 billion people, a pretty profound # … So what does that mean? For many industries this means identifying use cases that will enable them to achieve their mission faster:

  • Retailers providing a better in-store shopper experience – 67% of shoppers cited a better experience with associates and managers using the latest mobile technologies
  • Banks enabling more real-time services, like Mobile payments, for their customers – nearly 490 million people will use their phone to make mobile payments by the end of 2014
  • Healthcare providers improving patient outcome – another 21% of healthcare companies will adopt mobile technology in the next 12 months

Every which way you look, studies show mobile is here for enterprises across all industries. Retail and banking are leading the way, but healthcare, utilities, public sector, and consumer products are embracing mobile too. Mobile Analytics puts the brilliance and power of information in your hands, the moment you need it, and in the way you like to see it…

Take a look at this Mobile Analytics Infographic (full size) and learn how mobile and ‘knowledge at your fingertips’ is transforming the enterprise.

Learn how to make intelligent decisions on the go with this video from SAP. Mimi Spier Head, SAP Solution Marketing, Mobile Analytics