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Reimagining Tomorrow's User Experience: Three Facts About Next-Gen UX

22-Jan-2018 | Conor Donohoe | user adoption

The goal of a technology initiative should never just be user adoption. While it is certainly crucial, it's not as relevant as user satisfaction or employee engagement.

employee engagement, training, digital transformation, recruitment, HR

Executive Insights: Digital Transformation, Talent-Driven Organizations, And The Future of Work

21-Dec-2017 | Fred Isbell | user adoption

Kerry Brown, SAP vice president of user adoption, explains how the future of work, as we know it, will leverage contributions that are uniquely human.

What Every CIO Needs To Know About Trends In User Experience Design

23-Nov-2017 | Ivo van Barneveld | user adoption

Here's how conversational user interfaces can improve the customer experience, boost engagement, and save costs.

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