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Thinkers: Author Bob Johansen on Leading in Chaotic Times

15-Nov-2017 | Stephanie Overby | Thinkers

Bob Johansen offers advice for how to rehearse for the future and develop the skills to navigate the high-risk realities ahead.

Thinkers: Amina Khan Examines Nature's Blueprint for Innovation

11-Sep-2017 | Fawn Fitter | Thinkers

We talked to Amina Khan about biology-inspired design, how fake leaves could create an energy revolution, and what leaders can learn about algorithms from ants.

Lisa Bodell Interview: Why Simple Wins

10-May-2017 | Fawn Fitter | Thinkers

Bodell’s new book, Why Simple Wins, argues that if companies want more space and time for innovation, they need to chip away those calcified layers of process.

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