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How Networks Transform Procurement And Turbocharge The Businesses They Link

11-Jun-2018 | Barry Padgett | Sourcing And Procurement

As networks embrace cloud-based technologies, they allow buyers and suppliers to think even bigger and to make an exponentially greater impact on the buyers, sellers, and ultimately customers who rely on them.

How Procurement Analytics And Systems Support Zero-Base Budgeting

7-Jun-2018 | KayRee Lee | Sourcing And Procurement

The application of procurement analytics and systems in the zero-base budgeting process is key to ensuring successful outcomes for your company’s initiative.

risk management, natural disasters, supply chain disruption, artificial intelligence, AI

Weathering The Storm: Risk Intelligence Edition

15-May-2018 | Scott Pezza | Sourcing And Procurement

There's no way to prevent natural disasters, but technologies like artificial intelligence can help mitigate – or eliminate – their negative impacts on your business.

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