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Social Selling Manners And Etiquette

10-Oct-2017 | Arif Johari | Social Business

Are you pursuing customers and trying to get in their news feeds? Here are some do’s and don’ts of social selling, and how to behave in the digital world.

Why Executives Should Follow Kylie Jenner

14-Sep-2017 | Arif Johari | Social Business

The online-shopping world that we live in, lacks the warmth of great customer service that a brick-and-mortar may provide. Social selling fills that need.

Selling To Goldfish: Responding To Decreasing Attention Spans Of Customers

27-Jul-2017 | Arif Johari | Social Business

Personalized videos are the next big hit for content marketing. If done right, they can be engaging, entertaining, and educational.

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