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Chatbots: Redefining Customer Service For Growing Companies

12-Apr-2018 | Chandran Saravana | SMB

By combining machine learning with the recent slew of chatbots, even small and midsize service organizations can improve interactions for both the customer and the customer service rep.

AI Cracks The Employee Retention Code For Small And Midsize Businesses

10-Apr-2018 | Simon Bouchez | SMB

AI provides a platform that allows employees to engage as co-creators of business success and a strong, unified workplace culture. This fundamental shift in talent management changes how employees view their jobs, their relationship with their employers, and their contributions to the bottom line.

SMB, technology, adoption, training, ROI

How To Overcome Your Fear Of New Technology Adoption

6-Apr-2018 | Larry Alton | SMB

There are many reasons to be worried about digital transformation, but even more reasons taking the plunge will ultimately benefit your business. Here are some ways to overcome your fear.

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