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Click Here To Add Blockchain To Your Order

22-Feb-2018 | Susan Galer | Smart Contracts

An online order takes only seconds but sets in motion a highly complex dance among manufacturer, shipping company, banks, and regulatory authorities to deliver that item to the consumer’s front door. Blockchain promises to help shippers fight fraud, cut wasted time, and outsmart pirates.

Top 10 IT Trends, Part 3: Smart Object Storage, Video Analytics, And Blockchain

21-Feb-2018 | Hu Yoshida | Smart Contracts

Object storage, video analysis, and blockchain represent three emerging technologies that are gaining traction in 2018. Here's how.

Payables 2018: Six Things To Watch

4-Jan-2018 | Scott Pezza | Smart Contracts

Here are 6 changes and trends to expect in the area of payables in 2018.

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