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Industrial Machinery And Components, IM&C, digitalization, innovation, industrial IoT, IIoT, sensors

Redefining Core Competencies In The Industrial Machinery And Components Industry

5-Jan-2018 | Georg Kube | sensors

Digitalization demands companies redefine their core competencies through innovation. Find out how the latest technology delivers immediate benefits.

Internet of Things, IoT, Sensors, 2018 trends

Will IoT Trump Blockchain And AI As The Megatrend Of 2018?

3-Jan-2018 | John Ward | sensors

What will be the technology megatrend of 2018? Look no further than IoT. For many businesses, IoT is already more than just a trend – it's a necessity.

healthcare, IoT, predictive medicine, sensors

Predictive Maintenance For People: The Endgame For The Internet Of Things (#IoT)

2-Jan-2018 | Tom Raftery | sensors

Enabling wearable devices to push individuals' health data to their doctors' networks may change the focus of medical care.

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