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Connectivity Options For Utilities And Manufacturers

5-Jun-2018 | John Candish | #SAPPHIRENOW

Enabling lower-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices that use less power than traditional cellular or WiFi technologies and have a very long life are becoming key for utilities and manufacturers.

Businesswoman examining crystal ball in office

Digital HR: What Got You Here May Not Help You Move Forward

31-May-2018 | Vlasta Dusil | #SAPPHIRENOW

Digitalization is not yet done changing the world of work – and may never will be. And for HR organizations that can keep up with this constant evolution, there is tremendous opportunity to tap into the best talent regardless of gender, age, socioeconomic demographic, or disability.

Winning With Purpose At SAPPHIRE NOW

31-May-2018 | Alicia Tillman | #SAPPHIRENOW

For executives, mentors, and partners, leadership starts with a single goal. Today’s brands succeed when they embody a purpose that customers can connect to – and the same concept applies on the individual scale.

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