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Must-Ask IoT Questions: How Will You Manage Operator Contracts And Connections?

15-Mar-2018 | John Candish | SAP Digital Interconnect

To manage operator contracts and connections, manufacturers should look for an IoT platform that simplifies management to a single, consistent SIM for all networks and the life of the connected thing.

Enabling 20 Billion Devices Through The Internet Of Things

2-Mar-2018 | Rohit Tripathi | SAP Digital Interconnect

Technological innovation over the past decade has created more opportunity for evolution, especially in terms of global connectivity and management of people, devices, and things.

Must-Ask IoT Questions: Are You Prepared And Able To Scale Globally?

1-Mar-2018 | John Candish | SAP Digital Interconnect

Are you able to scale your IoT solution, to be able to deal with hundreds, thousands or even millions of devices if need be, while keeping control of costs?

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