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Machine Learning: The Real Business Intelligence

23-Jan-2017 | Kai Goerlich | SAP Digital Futures

The question is when, not if, the BI tools of today become a quaint relic of earlier times and real business intelligence emerges.


A New Computing Paradigm: Conversational AI For Consumers And In The Enterprise

10-Jan-2017 | Dan Wellers and Till Pieper | SAP Digital Futures

Conversational AI represents an entirely new paradigm for computing, and in terms of the business world, the end goal is nothing less than enterprise AI.

Autonomous Vehicles: Accelerating Into The Mainstream

22-Nov-2016 | Dan Wellers and Larry Stolle | SAP Digital Futures

The benefits of self-driving vehicles will far outweigh the costs of continuing to develop them – so buckle up, because we've got an exciting ride ahead.

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