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Reimagining The Brand Experience In Three Steps

13-Apr-2018 | Johann Wrede | Sales Strategy

Sales and marketing executives are facing a fundamental misunderstanding of what "brand" and "brand experience" actually are. Here are three steps to overcome this challenge and effectively communicate your brand message.

Chinese woman text messaging on cell phone in grocery store

How Traditional Grocers Can Regain Their Foothold With Digital Consumers

12-Apr-2018 | Randy Evins | Sales Strategy

The grocery game is not won with over-stocked shelves and big freighter jets. Sure, they are helpful. However, the actual differentiator is how well the retailer engages with consumers in the store and online and understands their needs and wants.

How To Turn Your Sales Team Into An Innovation Engine

3-Apr-2018 | DJ Paoni | Sales Strategy

With daily contact and deep insight into your what keeps your customers up at night, your sales force is uniquely positioned to provide your organization — from R&D to marketing — with customer context to develop innovation that matters most to your stakeholders.

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