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Futurists On Robots At Work: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

8-Dec-2017 | Jacqueline Prause | robots

Futurists Kai Goerlich and Gray Scott discuss the role of robots in the workplace and how humans and robots should work together in the future.

artificial intelligence, AI, retail, retail analytics, digital retail, analytics, advanced analytics, digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence In The Retail Industry

28-Nov-2017 | Shaily Kumar | robots

Retailers are applying AI іn nеw wауѕ across the entire рrоduсt аnd service cycle – from assembly tо роѕt-ѕаlе сuѕtоmеr service іntеrасtіоnѕ.

HR, AI, automation, human resources

Robots Are Moving Into Our Human Resources Functions

21-Sep-2017 | Agnes Desplechin | robots

Artificial intelligence is poised to take on traditional HR duties, prompting many questions inside and outside the profession.

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