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The “Ayurvedic” Approach To GDPR

23-Jun-2017 | Neil Patrick | regulatory compliance

Instead of acquiring and implementing niche tools, organizations should take a holistic approach to rolling out the business changes required by GDPR.

Financial Impact of Risk: Don’t Be the Next Bad Headline! – Greenlight Technologies & SAP #SAPPHIRENOW #SAPRADIO #VOICEAMERICA

Posted by SAP PartnerEdge on 17. mai 2017
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The Financial Impact Of Risk: What Every CFO Needs To Know Before Becoming A Bad Headline

22-Jun-2017 | Alicia Rudolph | regulatory compliance

Organizations need automation and a calculated approach to controlling risk. An enterprise-wide risk assessment is usually a good starting point.

How Finance Leaders Boost Business Performance

12-Jun-2017 | Joan Warner | regulatory compliance

Study shows that when the finance function influences strategy and business planning throughout the organization, the company grows faster. Here's why.

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