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How To Turn Your Sales Team Into An Innovation Engine

3-Apr-2018 | DJ Paoni | Recruiting

With daily contact and deep insight into your what keeps your customers up at night, your sales force is uniquely positioned to provide your organization — from R&D to marketing — with customer context to develop innovation that matters most to your stakeholders.

This Woman’s Mission: To Make Diversity The Norm

14-Mar-2018 | Susan Galer | Recruiting

Abdel-Magied epitomizes the power of diversity for business and people. She's written a best-selling book, currently owns a race car company, and by the way, recently took up skiing because well, why not?

The Science Behind Why We Need More Women In STEM And Leadership

12-Mar-2018 | Maria Onzain | Recruiting

There are many reasons why having more gender equality in STEM careers would be beneficial. While the reasons may seem obvious to many of us, scientific experiments show evidence that could help us to close the gender gap once and for all.

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