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How Analytics Could Put A Big Dent In Rising Healthcare Costs

5-Mar-2018 | John Ward | real-time insights

Here's how St. Louis-based Mercy uses advanced analytics to help eliminate waste and drive down costs.

Enterprise asset management, EAM, IoT, big data, analytics, AI, digital transformation

Five Ways To Improve Your Enterprise Asset Management

19-Feb-2018 | Bruce Mckinnon | real-time insights

The Internet of Things, combined with Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, is disrupting business. To survive, your organization needs to modernize its methods of managing assets over their lifecycles.

Top 10 Trends For Analytics In 2018

3-Jan-2018 | Nic Smith | real-time insights

From natural language to insight-as-a-service, here are 10 trends we expect to see in the area of data analytics in 2018.

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