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Why Our View Of Being Human In A Digital World Must Change

16-Apr-2018 | Paul Kurchina | Purpose

How did we go from daydreaming about the impossible possibilities of technology to fearing its vast potential? The reason is quite simple: we’re letting technology reshape us, instead of commanding how it can further perfect our lives.

collaboration, purpose, future of work

Purpose, Culture, Action: The Essentials Of Open Innovation

29-Mar-2018 | Shannon Lester | Purpose

As companies begin to transform from profit-led to purpose-led, culture becomes as important as processes.

Rage Against The Machine? Don't Waste Your Energy

28-Mar-2018 | Marc Havercroft | Purpose

Get your head out of the sand. Look at the world we live in today – a world manned by machines – and see the opportunities for yourself. The future of work might be uncertain but that’s exciting. It’s time to make the most of it.

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