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How Digital Marketplaces Are Disrupting The Insurance Industry

5-Mar-2018 | Aditya Das | pricing strategy

The Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan alliance to form a new healthcare insurance company has rocked the insurance industry. What does the entry of digital industry players mean for the future of the insurers globally?

healthcare, life sciences, pricing, outcome-based pricing, analytics

Is The Life Sciences Industry Ready For Outcome-Based Pricing?

9-Feb-2018 | Jacqueline Prause | pricing strategy

Soaring healthcare costs have been pushed to the top of government budgets around the globe because of a distorted reimbursement model. Outcome-based pricing puts the focus on the patient while aligning all the players around the consequences for the patient.

strategic pricing, analytics, price management, profitability

Strategic Pricing Analytics: Drive Profitability With Data You Already Own

29-Jan-2018 | Jessica Schubert | pricing strategy

Strategic pricing uses a series of analytics tools to predict how price management activities will affect the overall business. Leveraging the data you already own can help you quickly identify potential areas to adjust pricing to capture opportunities.

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