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The Realities Of Innovation In Manufacturing

23-May-2018 | Kevin Jinks | Predictive Analytics

Seek out technology that lets you take advantage of AI, cloud, security and deep, predictive analytics. You’ll surround great code with advanced tech to get you light years ahead of the competition.

Moving Beyond Digital: How To Become An Intelligent Enterprise

23-May-2018 | Thierry Audas | Predictive Analytics

As companies start to catch up with leaders by adopting newer innovations, the bar of excellence is pushed ever higher. If you want to be the best, you need to go farther with technology and analytics with the goal of becoming not just a digital enterprise, but an intelligent enterprise.

Professional Services Firms: Innovating At Low Risk With Cognitive Technologies

23-May-2018 | Catherine Lynch | Predictive Analytics

Professional services firms are early adopters of cognitive technologies to help improve employee and customer engagement and to meet the expectations of the high percentage of millennial employees in the workplace.

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