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Five Things CIOs Overlook During Digital Transformation

8-Aug-2017 | Eric Kimberling | organizational change

Digital transformation is a complex undertaking for any organization, fraught with pitfalls and potential traps. Here are five things CIOs often overlook.

Driving User Adoption: Making Sure Your Employees Are Engaged

25-Jul-2017 | Brian Berns | organizational change

Here's how data analytics can provide insights that help your organization boost employee engagement and overall productivity.

5 pillars of digital transformation

Five Pillars Of Digital Transformation: Evolve The Organization

26-Jun-2017 | Ashutosh Kumar, Joao Ribeiro, Jose Carvalho, and Kay P. Hradilak | organizational change

Corporate organizations will become more fluid, digitized, and data-driven, but they will remain institutions comprised of human beings creating value.

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