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Migrating To The Cloud: Three Things For Private Equity Funds To Consider

5-Mar-2018 | Sean Epstein | Operational Risk Management

Cloud migration is not simple, nor is it easy to understand. It is essential to consider a mix of analysis. Here are three things private equity funds should consider.

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Why Your Digital Strategy Is Most Likely Not Keeping Your Business Secure Enough

23-Oct-2017 | Paul Kurchina | Operational Risk Management

The increasing interconnectivity of companies and assets is opening the door to unprecedented exposure, turning IT systems into highly attractive targets.

Finance’s Mandate: Get More Engaged, Earlier, In Cybersecurity

17-Jul-2017 | Nilly Essaides | Operational Risk Management

There’s a big gap between where finance is and where it should be regarding cyber risk. Here are some steps finance leaders can take now to stay safe.

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