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Selling Smarter With Predictive Lead Scoring Algorithms

4-Jun-2018 | Priya Sareen | Omnichannel

Forward-thinking companies are using the growth of data analytics and artificial intelligence to pinpoint the most viable sales leads and generate remarkable results.

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How To Best Use Data To Reach Your Customer Anywhere

18-May-2018 | Derek Klobucher | Omnichannel

The recklessly forecasted retail apocalypse now seems unlikely, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. So the industry is turning to machine learning, which can help retailers deliver a personalized customer experience in-store – or anywhere else people decide to shop.

From Consumer Products To Consumer Outcomes

14-May-2018 | E.J. Kenney | Omnichannel

To compete in a changing consumer landscape, consumer product companies need to transform everything from consumer engagement to operations to product innovation. They need to recreate and innovate to maintain—and ideally, increase—market share.

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