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Using Technology To Make Toronto A Responsive City

19-Apr-2018 | Rob Meikle | North America

The city of Toronto is tackling digital initiatives that help make it not only a smart city, but a responsive one that offers opportunities to improve the lives of all its citizens.

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City Of Cambridge Proves ‘Smart City’ Doesn’t Always Mean Glitz And Glamour

19-Apr-2018 | Katie Fischer | North America

Ontario government's smart city initiative is less about glitzy technology and more about making more informed decisions, listening to community feedback, and delivering more effectively now and in the future.

Quayside: A Reminder That Canada Can Define The Digital Democracy

14-Dec-2017 | Colleen Hardwick | North America

What Silicon Valley is to innovation, Canada is to good government. It’s this complement that could help Canada define digital democracy for the world.

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