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How Prescriptive Recruiting Improves The Odds Of Finding Your Best Match

27-Feb-2018 | Jeff Mills | Model Company

Companies that don’t show interest in their candidates are the ones that will lose out on the best talent available. It’s time to run the recruiting process more like a courtship.

The Bimodal IT And Finance Line Of Business: Reliability In Fast-Changing Times

15-Jun-2017 | Christoph Himmel | Model Company

Here's how traditional companies can use a bimodal approach to build an architecture designed for the digital enterprise on a legacy foundation.

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Jumpstart Your 2017 Digital Transformation With A Model Company-Driven Approach

15-Feb-2017 | Arend Weil | Model Company

A model company-driven approach to digital transformation can help chart the finer details of your digital strategy with certainty.

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