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Turning Data Into Insights: How Digitization Creates New Opportunities For The Telecommunications Industry

23-Apr-2018 | Julie Stoughton | ML

IoT, predictive analytics, and machine learning are creating new business opportunities for the telecommunication industry. To succeed, telcos must choose a business model that will address data privacy concerns while delivering actionable insights that benefit both consumers and companies.

How Robots Are Changing The Business Of Toilet Paper And Diapers

23-Apr-2018 | Judith Magyar | ML

Toilet paper and diapers will always be needed, even in a digital world. The question is how to produce, sell, and distribute these products with greater efficiency so they are affordable for everyone around the world.

Mississauga Looks To Citizens And Industry As It Bridges Digital Divide

20-Apr-2018 | Shawn Slack | ML

The Southern Ontario city of Mississauga is bridging the digital divide, consulting with public and agency and industry partners to identify key areas in which technology can solve civic and social problems as part of the pan-Canadian Smart Cities Challenge.

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