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From Digital To Intelligent: Making The Most Of Machine Learning

23-May-2018 | Dr. Markus Noga | Machine Learning Study 2018

Learn the five traits common to Fast Learners – the organizations that are already seeing the benefits of machine learning – and the things holding other businesses back.

Is AI To The Recruiter What Netflix Was To Blockbuster?

16-May-2018 | Brent Ellis | Machine Learning Study 2018

AI has the potential to be the most impactful and productive innovation the recruiting industry has seen since the move to web-based staffing methods. But anyone who claims that AI will eventually replace the recruiting profession is misguided.

Machine Learning In The Real World

9-May-2018 | Paul Taylor | Machine Learning Study 2018

Here are some real-world examples of how machine learning is establishing itself as a mainstream technology tool for companies, enabling them to improve productivity, planning, and ultimately, profits.

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