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Black Box Or White Box? Machine Learning For Finance And Risk Processes

22-May-2018 | Birgit Starmanns | Machine Learning

Here's how machine learning and emerging technology is enabling finance teams to transform their own organizations and focus on more strategic tasks instead of handling a myriad of exceptions on a manual basis.

What Makes A Finance Solution Intelligent?

21-May-2018 | Neil Krefsky | Machine Learning

By embedding intelligence in finance applications and processes enterprise-wide, finance leaders can leverage improved levels of insight, prediction, and efficiency to drive growth and inform strategic initiatives throughout the business.

The Evolution Of Modern Receivables Management With Machine Learning

15-May-2018 | Benno Eberle | Machine Learning

While supporting tools in receivables management have matured over the years, few people expect big innovations in this space. Here are some trends that can boost efficiency and open fascinating new ways of optimizing processes.

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