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Five Benefits To Adopting Blockchain In New Zealand’s Retail Sector

12-Apr-2018 | Steve Letford | Logistics

Is it time for New Zealand's retail sector to embrace blockchain technology? Here are 5 potential benefits.

3D printing, additive manufacturing, digital economy, as-a-service

How The Digital Economy Is Blurring Industry Boundaries

2-Apr-2018 | Richard Howells | Logistics

Companies that make products and assets are moving toward an "as-a-service" model, enabled by software, connectivity, and intelligent supply chain capabilities to take advantage of new opportunities to capture customers.

For Truck’s Sake: Steer Your Vehicle Fleet Into The Future With IoT

28-Mar-2018 | Stephan Brand | Logistics

Organizations looking to modernize their vehicle fleets with IoT can leverage the technology to increase safety, provide greater product and asset visibility, and improve customer experiences. Here’s how your company can begin creating a connected fleet with IoT.

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