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Savannah Cement Innovates With High-Speed Analytics

10-Mar-2015 | Christine Donato | Life Runs Better

Find out how this young company is driving more growth for Kenya’s economy while operating in a way that minimizes environmental damage.

The Village Of Schaumburg, “Cloud Technology Brings Efficiency”

5-Feb-2015 | Carolyn Horiel | Life Runs Better

The Village of Schaumburg claims to be the largest center for economic development in the state of Illinois outside of Chicago – with the help of the cloud.

Technology Brings Big Changes For Today’s Cowboys Of The Road

3-Feb-2015 | John Ward | Life Runs Better

In the late 1800s, cowboys drove cattle along this route as they followed the fabled Chisholm Trail. Now, it's long-haul truckers who ride the road.

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