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Goodbye, Knowledge Workers—Welcome, Learning Workers

13-Sep-2017 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli | life-long learning

In today's age of information, we must embrace collaborative learning in the workplace and in our lives. There can be no innovation without information.

Middle school students using computer technology in class.

What Is Learning: Surviving Or Creating The Future?

1-Aug-2017 | Pavlina Eneva | life-long learning

In today's digital economy, developing a culture of learning is more important than ever. Here are 8 trends to keep in mind to help foster learning and growth.

Have A Degree? How About A Certification?

5-Jun-2014 | Jen Cohen Crompton | life-long learning

Whether you’re a college graduate, looking to change careers, or searching for a job, professional certificates via MOOCs may be an option.

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