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Cloud Computing: Separating Myth From Reality

12-Apr-2018 | Misa Rawlins | IT Simplification

These insights can help you bust big myths about the cloud and start moving confidently toward a cloud-enabled transformation of your organization.

CFO, leadership, analytics, finance, accounting

The Tech-Savvy CFO: Innovate, Inform, Enable

2-Apr-2018 | Mark Partin | IT Simplification

CFOs are facing increased pressure as finance and accounting transform into a trusted business partner that helps drive strategy and deliver results. They need the right technology, people, and information, as well as the courage to innovate.

How Your Cloud Provider Can Help Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

27-Feb-2018 | Riaz Faride | IT Simplification

The best cloud providers can accelerate your digital transformation and synchronize common challenges in complex environments with one or more cloud providers.

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