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machine learning, security, user access, multifactor authentication

How Machine Learning Helps To Improve Security: Part 2

26-Apr-2018 | Lane Leskela | Internal Controls

Improve organizational security with these five machine-learning-based approaches to user access.

cybersecurity, IAM, machine learning, authentication, security, identity and access management

How Machine Learning Helps Improve Security: Part 1

19-Apr-2018 | Lane Leskela | Internal Controls

We spend millions of dollars each year to strengthen information security, yet still experience major breaches that threaten our stability and ability to grow. We need to realign our investments with more effective solutions.

GDPR, compliance, risk, privacy, regulations, EU

GDPR Before And After May 25

12-Apr-2018 | Jerome Pugnet | Internal Controls

The deadline for European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is not the finish line for businesses' customer data privacy requirements.

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