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Your GDPR "Duties Of Proof" And Liability

19-Mar-2018 | Neil Patrick | integrated GRC

Creating the best policy in the world is admirable, but if it isn’t implemented throughout the organization and you don’t have a record of its being accepted by the recipients, you have not complied with GDPR. Here's what to keep in mind to protect your organization.

GRC, digital transformation, governance, risk management, compliance, big data, analytics, mobile, AI, cloud

Digital Transformation In Governance, Risk Management, And Compliance

13-Feb-2018 | Thomas Frenehard | integrated GRC

Many existing technological advances can be leveraged to transform the way we do governance, risk management, and compliance while we wait for even more advances to come to fruition.

Delivering The Insight As An Analytics And Insight Team

1-Feb-2018 | Chris Johnston | integrated GRC

Here's how a robust approach to internal controls, compliance, and risk will help you stay ahead and thrive in today’s volatile business world,

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