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How Digital Twin Technology Is Transforming The Mill Industry

23-Apr-2018 | Kai Aldinger | Innovations

Digital twin technology increases the efficiency of mill operations by monitoring equipment performance in real time, enabling managers to avoid costly down time.

Improving Mobility With Smart Traffic In Metro Operations

22-Mar-2018 | Konstanze Werle | Innovations

As urban populations grow, metro operators face greater challenges in relation to commuter safety. Setting up a smart traffic system allows the metro operators to stay up-to-date with real-time incidents and handle malfunctions before they cause injuries or safety concerns.

paper and packaging, digital transformation

Digital Transformation And Five New Imperatives For The Paper And Packaging Industry

20-Mar-2018 | Jennifer Scholze | Innovations

The paper and packaging industry was hit hard by the explosion of digital content in recent years, but new technologies open up a world of opportunities.

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